FROM APPLE STRUDEL TO TAFELSPITZ. As it should be in a Viennese cafe & restaurant.

In Wien lebte einmal ein stattlicher Herr, der hat sich’s gern gut gehen lassen. Morgens eine gute Melange im Kaffee-tschecherl ums Eck, mittags ein Tafelspitz im Gasthaus. Und abends dann ein, zwei Achterl beim Heurigen. Dazwischen war noch immer genügend Zeit zum

always time for a chat, reading the newspaper and having a joke. He knew how to live well. And almost everyone in his Grätzl, or district, had taken him into their heart. But if he'd got to know the Johann, he probably would have moved to Salzburg straight away

Our Viennese classics
Das Lokal
And a good coffee with your cake. And especially with your breakfast.

A VERY GOOD MORNING We serve breakfast from
7.00 am–11.00 am

Our Viennese classics

  • Viennese breakfast

    Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with butter, jam or honey and a boiled egg

  • Large Viennese breakfast

    Coffee, tea or hot chocolate with butter, jam or honey, typical austrian ham, cottage cheese, emmentaler, boiled egg and 1/8 l orange juice


  • №1

    coffee, tea or hot chocolate, 2 boiled and peeled eggs in a glas, butter and 1/8 l orange juice

  • №2

    coffee, tea or hot chocolate, butter, jam or honey, fresh fruits with yoghurt or muesli, typical austrian ham, cottage cheese or emmentaler and 1/8 l orange juice

TRADITIONAL DELICACIES Just switch off from the hectic pace of everyday life and give yourself a treat.

Starters, salads & snacks

  • Goulash with a pretzel stick
  • Our soups

    beef broth with boiled beef, semolina dumplings, root vegetables and thin noodles

Main courses

  • Viennese veal goulash

    with a downy bread dumpling

  • Viennese veal Schnitzel

    with parsley potatoes or french fries, cranberries and lemon

  • Fried chicken

    chest and leg with potato-lamb’s luttce and cranberry jam


  • Apple strudel

    wafer-thin puff pastry, sugared breadcrumbs, juicy apples

  • Kaiserschmarrn

    with apple purée and stewed plums


  • Frankfurter sausages with goulash

    and a roll

  • Tagliatelle „Johann”

    in an elegant ricotta cream with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach & parmesan

  • Styrian Backhendlsalat

    strips of chicken breast, breaded and fried, on a potato and lamb‘s lettuce salad with pumpkin seed oil and scarlet runner beans